My goal is to use my passion for sexual awakening & my training in therapeutic relationships to create an immersive experience that satisfies you on many levels. 

Physically: I am 6' tall, slim/athletic body. I'm a professional dancer, exotic and contemporary. I give you plenty of eye candy and I leave no part of the body unexplored.


My style is generally hippy chic with no bra or panties. I can transform easily, though, and I do take image requests. Let's play.

Mentally: I am educated and liberated on many topics, especially sexuality, gender, and relationships. I'm an open book. Let's talk. 

Emotionally: I am trained in mindfulness-based counseling and I am a regular meditator. It'd be difficult to surprise or overwhelm me with what's going on in your mind or in your heart. Let's share.

Spiritually: I am proud to be a Tantrika, specializing in getting you in touch with your sexual power. I might even pull tarot for you! Let's get cosmic.


My ideal client is attentive, reliable, and respectful. I welcome all genders, colors, and sizes. I love couples and even offer a Double Trouble Discount!

Got a kinky side? So do I...ask me about how I can help you explore new sensations and power dynamics. 

If you're looking for a decadent treat that will leave you feeling nurtured, stimulated, and satisfied, I'm your woman. 

***I ask that all of my first time clients provide the following via text or email:***

Full Name

Phone Number


Desired Exploration

Scheduling Preferences


 If you are new and do not have provider references, I require that you meet me for a Coffee & Courtesy Date as listed below. You will need to make a $100 deposit to my Venmo or CashApp in order to hold your space for an appointment. The time you book includes the meeting time (generally about 20 minutes of the session). If we get along, we will proceed with the rest of your scheduled appointment. I do offer references once we have seen each other. 


Remember, I'm interviewing you, too, and I am generous with clients that treat me in the ways I've requested in my etiquette section below. 


~ I am only seeing clients in Cherry Creek for the foreseeable future to avoid having people in my personal apartment in Broomfield. 

~ I'll have you wash your hands when you arrive.

~ I'm as certain as I can be that I had this flu in December and I have not been sick since. 

~ I will only return phone calls when you leave a voicemail asking me to do so. I will only answer messages and emails Mon-Sat, so please be patient through Sundays. Contacting me more than once is generally unnecessary. I'm always thinking of you and I'll contact you back as soon as I can.

~ Respecting my donation requests is the fastest way to garner my affection. If what you want seems out of reach, the most respectful way to decline is to simply say, "Thank you for your time, I'll need to find another provider." You would never haggle with your lawyer or therapist, please show the same respect to your provider. 

~ I ask that all of my clients arrive freshly bathed, trimmed, and moisturized. I am always my best for our sessions and I like for you to be as well. I maintain a clean shower at my Incall if you ever need to take a quick shower before or after your session. 

~ If you are inviting me to your home, I ask that it is clean as well. 


~ I truly care about and like all of my clients. Please do not ask for special treatment just because we get along well. If we are spending time together, I'll require some form of compensation for my time. 

~ If you have special requests, those are best discussed over the phone or in person.

~ When inquiring about traveling, be descriptive and make me a generous offer. 

~ I like my donation to be taken care of upon first arrival so that you can leave feeling only bliss. This will be placed in a labeled box in the bathroom when you arrive and wash your hands.

~ Please do not ask for extra pictures unless you are offering to buy them. I have professional full nudes available if you'd like them.


If you need to cancel or reschedule, I ask that you do so at least 12 hours before our appointment. If you cannot apply this for any reason, you will incur a 50% cancellation fee that will be due before your next visit. If you no call no show, you will not be able to book with me again. 


~ I accept:

Venmo: @CoachesofCO

Cryptocurrency: By request. 

I accept Amazon Gift Cards for 2 digit donations (i.e. online offerings).

~ If you have any other questions, here is an article on general escort etiquette. 


~Tantra ~

Learn the Power of Sacred Sex

Upgrade our sessions with lessons you can take home. [WOMEN welcome!]

Professional Companion Experiences

Get the affection you know you deserve from a highly qualified professional.

Sensual Body Rubs

A spa-like experience that will leave you more relaxed than ever before. 

Exotic Dance

Book your own private dancer with 20+ years of performance experience.

Additional Options

~ Coffee & Courtesy ~

Spend 15 minutes with me at a local coffee shop chit chatting about the type of relationship you'd like to start with me. I'm an open book. 

**Required for all companions without references.**

15 mins | $100

~ Luxury Lingerie Service ~ 

3 songs of seduction, your heartbeat racing to the drum of your favorite song or mine, my body being drawn to yours like a moth. Add this option to your Sensual Body Rub.

**Included in Professional Companion Experiences.**

10 mins | $50

~ Sensual Skype ~ 

Spend some time with me no matter where you are!

30 min | $100


Bring Me to You 

~ By Earth ~

I ask for $50/hr for all drive time. If I'm visiting you in Denver or Boulder, it will be $50. If I'm driving 5 hours away (maximum driving time, any longer and I will need to fly), it will be $500. 

~ By Air ~

Fly me to you | $2800 +

Airfare to most major American cities is covered in overnight appointments and beyond. I reserve the right to adjust for travel expenses, should they exceed $500 to cover transportation or lodging if flight time requires. 

International companions will need to coordinate with me directly about travel arrangements.

Quarantine Specials

~ Sensual Skype ~ 

Spend some ecstatic time with me no matter where you are! Make me your of my favorite ways to play <3

30 min |  $77!

~ Intro to Tantra Session ~ 

Learn the basics as I walk you through my standard first session meditation from the comfort of your home. Hear what goes through my mind as I bring my physical sessions to a head...Meditative Masturbation.

**In person: $340 for 90 min**

1 hr | $200

~ Pics/Videos ~ 

I'll be spending my time making content for you. You'll still need to get screened, as these include my face. 

5 Pics | $20

3 Videos | $50

**Special Requests=

$50 filming fee.**

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Tu-Sa  >  11a-7p

Fri + Sat  >  7p-12a

*$200 Late Night Fee*

Traveling Schedule

Booking in Cherry Creek!

Contact Directly

**I will only return calls if you leave a voicemail. Please allow a few days planning time with email.**

Private Incall:

Cherry Creek, CO -

Near the Cherry Creek Mall

Live outside Denver? Pre-plan to Bring Me To You!